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site » frequently asked questions
Here at iHP.net, we get loads of questions from readers, but many of them may be asked repeatedly, so here are all the answers to the "popular questions".

Book 5 - Cast/JKR Contact - Casting Auditions - iHP.net

Do you know when Book 5 comes out? and Do you have any information about it?
This is the No.1 question asked of all time. None of the series' publishers has made any official announcement as to the release of Book 5, so we can't really give you a straight answer. And any information that we have so far is only based on rumors, which you can check out at this link.

Where can I contact Daniel Radcliffe?
iHP, nor any other fansite, has specific connections to Daniel Radcliffe and the other cast members of the movie. Though, you might want to try a fan club or his agent.

Do you know where you I can contact J.K. Rowling?
As far as we know, the only way you can contact JKR (unless you're related to her), is by sending her snail-mail to the addresses listed on the Contact page.

Does J.K. Rowling have an e-mail address?
Most likely no, considering she's mentioned in many chats/interviews that the most she's ever been online was once or twice, and writing the HP books keeps her too busy to worry about e-mail.

Are you Daniel Radcliffe?
Well, unless you see a staff member named "Daniel Radcliffe", we're probably not him, especially if "Jasen" is in the e-mail address.

Do you know where I can audition for the Harry Potter movie sequels?
All we can say is, there is no official casting going on at the WB studio. For coverage on any of this, please check out the Casting page.

Can I audition for a part in the upcoming movies?
WB usually makes announcements (if any) regarding whether or not they need actors for a specific part. Otherwise, no information is really available, unless you have your own agent.

We like your site, so could you nominate it for our new awards site?
Fan-given awards really should be kept to a minimum, for the reasons being: A) It has nothing to do with Harry Potter B) There's a great excess of them online now and C) Some nominations and winners may be thought to be unfair. So, we simply don't endorse them, nor do we plan to take part in any others, unless it's from an official organization.

Can I work for iHP.net?
It depends. You've got to have some skills in order to be hired, but you won't get paid, mind you. More info. is at our Jobs page.

Can I use some of your graphics or images?
Absolutely not. Unless the images are distributed by official sources (i.e. WB, WOTC, etc.) or for the use as wallpaper, it's best to keep this site and yours completely original. Making these graphics is time-consuming and hard work, and it's better that you do the same for your site—you'll appreciate it.

Can I use your content?
Absolutely not. When you do this, especially without permission, it's called "stealing" or "theft"—"borrowing" is the same thing. Anything and everything that's either site ideas, layout/design, etc. cannot be used, no matter what. It's illegal and will not be tolerated.

After spending enormous amounts of time and money creating a site such as this and then seeing your work on another site makes you wonder if all that work was really worth the effort. Stealing is unethical and if anyone does do it, they will pay the consequences, make no mistake. No one likes a copycat.

I found a site using your content.
If you ever find a site that uses any material from iHP.net, we ask that you e-mail us the site's address. Stealing is a serious offense and the replicating site will be delt with.

Can our sites become affiliates?
iHP.net already has several and we feel that's enough for the time being, unless your site convinces us to think otherwise. iHP.net also cannot accept every site that asks. Constant begging will not increase your chances of becoming partners; instead, your site will be declined.

Can you please link to my site?
We don't have a links page, so we can't link to you.

Will you make me some cool graphics?
No, since there's not enough time for the webmaster to do so.

Do you have any tips for me when making my site?
The best things to follow by are: be original, if you aren't, there's no point going to your site; don't steal anything from another site (you'll just be frowned upon); do your best, if you don't try, then you won't succeed.

Can you help me on my site?
Unfortunately, we can't, seeing as the staff have school and other things to do, along with keeping up with this site. You'd be better off learning it on your own—that's how we did.

When can we expect a site redesign?
Unless it is felt that the site really needs a new design, only then a new one will be made. But remember, fancy layouts aren't everything that an HP site should be.

  site » frequently asked questions
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