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Books » Interesting Ponderings
There are a lot of unanswered questions in the Harry Potter universe, so we at iHP decided to make this collection of questions that we thought were interesting (and mysterious) enough to ask about. Newest questions are at the top.

  1. (From Tinkerbell3118): In Prisoner of Azkaban when Snape came into Professor Lupin's office and saw the Marauder's Map and noticed all of them in the Shrieking Shack did he not notice from the time travel of Harry and Hermione and that there were infact two of each of them on the map or does the map not show them at two places at one time?

  2. (From Jen): What do wizards' kids do between the ages of 5 and 10 while their Muggle counterparts are in elemetary school? They don't associate with muggles so they don't go to their schools. Are they home-schooled to read and write?

  3. (From Richard B): If Hagrid told Harry how to get onto platform 9 and 3/4, would he have still met Ron or Hermione?

  4. (From Ryan): Why is it that when Harry sees the boggart it turns into a dementor and has the same effect as a normal dementor would have on him i.e. he begins to relive his worst memories, but when Lupin sees it and it changes into the full moon, he doesn't begin transforming into a werewolf?

  5. Are there the same three tasks in every Triwizard Tournament?

    Answer (From Lauren): No. On page 238 of the American hardcover edition of Book 4, Hermione comments on a past tournament, when discussing who the judges are: " ‘Well, the Heads of the participating schools are always on the panel,' said Hermione, ‘because all three of them were injured during the Tournament of 1792, when a cockatrice the champions were supposed to be catching went on a rampage.' " In this tournament that wasn't one of the tasks, so they must change. Plus, it would overly obvious if it were the same things over and over again. It's supposed to test the champions' wits and see what they can do on the spot (or see if they can figure out the clues, i.e. the egg).

  6. Is there a wizard college?

  7. Are young wizards and witches that are sent a letter required to attend Hogwarts? If so, what happens if they refuse for some reason?

  8. If you just happen to not attend a wizarding school, is wizard home-schooling available?

  9. Are there public wizard schools?

  10. Is the wizarding world so old-fashioned because they want to remain traditional or has it always been that way?

  11. Why is the Basilisk the mortal enemy of spiders?

  12. How did Hagrid ever get Fluffy through that tiny door and into the room on the Third Floor?

  13. How come Hagrid is the only [known] giant that goes to a wizard school?

  14. (In the movie) When Quirrell was strangling Harry at the end, he didn’t get burned, yet his hands were both on Harry’s neck. But when Harry grabbed Quirrell’s hand, then it started to burn. What difference in touch is there?

  15. How did Salazar Slytherin build the Chamber of Secrets without the other three Hogwarts founders knowing?

  16. What is the history of the Mirror of Erised and what is it doing in Hogwarts?

  17. (From Scott): This random thought came to me and I thought I'd share it. Is Harry richer than the Malfoys? We never learn exactly how much is in Harry's vault, just that there are mounds of galleons, columns of sickles, and heaps of knuts.

  18. Do other school subjects such as mathematics, English, science, etc. apply to wizarding schools?

  19. Suppose a student was originally chosen for Slytherin house for their cunning ways of getting what they want. But what if, let’s say in their third year, their behavior changes and they become more like a Hufflepuff-would it be possible, at all, to change Houses?

  20. (From Scott): How do Muggle-born witches and wizards know where to get their wands, cauldrons, etc.?

  21. Where exactly does Hagrid go to the bathroom and bathe?

  22. Are post owls faster than e-mails?

  23. Do wizards and witches drink coffee?

  24. Is there a “Wizard Metropolis” anywhere in the world?

  25. How long has Muggle and wizard non-coexistence continued? When did it start?

  26. Was there ever anyone, whether it be a Muggle or a wizard, who stood up for the appreciated coexistence?

  27. Suppose a wizard or witch created a non-magical (or magical) object and somehow sold it, successfully, in the Muggle world, would it be possible for the Ministry of Magic to track down its creator?

  28. Is Doctor Doolittle actually a parseltongued wizard?

  29. If snakes can be spoken to by some wizards, is the communication with other animals possible as well?

  30. Has there ever been a Slytherin, who hasn’t turned out bad?

  31. How can ghosts be petrified if they’re dead?

  32. If you wore extremely reflective glasses, would you be able to use the basilisk’s own stare to petrify itself?

  33. (From Scott): How did they unpetrify Nearly-Headless Nick, if he can’t drink the Mandrake potion?

  34. (From Mischa): "If Dumbledore couldn't find the Chamber [of Secrets] in 50 years how come Fawkes could in two seconds?"

  35. Does Hogwarts send out any progress reports or report cards home?

  36. If a person is an animagus, do the abilities that they attain in their animal forms “transfer” back to their human forms? For instance, if someone just so happened to be a phoenix, would the phoenix’s immortality transfer back to the person?

  37. Suppose Harry never met Ron on the Hogwarts Express before his first year, and was he never told him about Slytherin being a bad House, would The Sorting Hat have placed Harry into Slytherin anyway?

Got An Interesting Pondering?
Is there something you've always wondered about in the Harry Potter series and just can't seem to figure it out? Submit your question and we'll post the answers to them as they are made available. Please send all questions to jasen@iharrypotter.net with your name. Remember, your question must be grammatically correct or we won't post it!

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