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 Update: New Wizard of the Month

- [ Mischief Managed! @ 06:46 PM . PST . J.K. Rowling ]

There is a new "Wizard of the Month" at J. K. Rowling's website:

Ignatia Wildsmith
(1227 – 1320)

She was the witch who invented Floo powder.


 UPDATE: HBP Release Date

- [ Nick @ 06:00 PM . PST . Books: Year 6 ]

Mugglenet has received numerous tips from bookstores that the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release date will be announced in two months (January 2005). Keep in mind that this is still all speculation, and the release date will be announced first on JK Rowling's site.

Thanks to Mugglenet.


 Potter on Postage

- [ Nick @ 07:14 PM . PST . General News ]

You can't watch them, you can read about them, and now, at last, you can mail them! The Daily Record has the story:

HARRY POTTER has been given the royal stamp of approval.

JK Rowling's boy wizard is set to appear on a colourful new set of postage stamps.

They feature scenes from his movies and include Harry, pals Ron and Hermione, owl Hedwig and Hagrid, Hogwarts caretaker, played by Robbie Coltrane.

The scenes are drawn from the Potter movies,The Goblet Of Fire, The Order Of The Phoenix and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, based on Edinburgh author Rowling's books.



 Rowling Earns £28 million

- [ Nick @ 07:05 PM . PST . J.K. Rowling ]

The Scotsman has this:

THE final part of The Scotsman’s list of who earns what in Scotland throws up one or two surprises - but it is not too much of a shock to find that the author JK Rowling is at the top of the pile with earnings of £28 million.



 Transcript of Gryffindor Interview

- [ Nick @ 10:21 AM . PST . Movie: PoA ]

In the special features of the PoA DVD, an interview with the Gryffindors (James and Oliver Phelps, Devon Murray, Matthew Lewis) can be viewed. Steph over at Veritaserum wrote a transcript of the interview...

Interviewer: Where you big fans of Harry Potter before you got involved in this?
Oliver Phelps: Well. We read the books didn't we?
James Phelps: Yeah.
Oliver Phelps: So um...
James Phelps: I'd read half, I had just finished the first one when we heard there were auditions for the, for the film, so. So we thought, hmm. [Nodding his head.]
Oliver Phelps: And like, and honestly I didn't realize how much of a big scale it was on. But, I knew that there was definitely something about them, cause...
Interviewer: You thought it was going to be a low budget number.
Oliver Phelps: Well, I... [Laughs]

The full interview can be viewed here.


 Life-Sized Dobby Could be Yours!

- [ Nick @ 10:14 AM . PST . Collecting ]

A life-sized promotional Dobby from CoS will be auctioned off. Dobby is signed by Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle), Oliver and James Phelps (Weasley Twins), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Toby Jones (Voice of Dobby), and the writer herself, JK Rowling. You can view the eBay auction here.



 New Review of PoA DVD

- [ Nick @ 10:04 AM . PST . Movie: PoA ]

Teen Hollywood has a new review posted on the PoA DVD. Head over here to view the extensive review in its entirety.


 Scans from PoA Desktop Calendar

- [ Nick @ 09:59 AM . PST . Movie: PoA ]

Thanks to HP4U.co.uk, you can view some of the new scans for the 2005 PoA desktop calendar. Head over to Veritaserum to check them out!


 Who is that Girl?!

- [ Nick @ 09:53 AM . PST . Movie: GoF ]

No more than a few days ago, Dan Radcliffe sent an underwater picture of the second task as part of his Christmas card to DanRadcliffe.Com. However, the girl next to Dan, assumed to be Emma Watson, is in fact, a stunt double. (Click Here to view the photo) Jenna from DanRadcliffe.Com responded to the subject:

After talking to our source at Warner Bros. I can tell you the girl in the photo is neither Emma or Clemence. She is a stunt double. Unfortunately there were reports on some media websites saying it was either Emma or Clemence, which caused mass confusion, without confirming their facts - and oddly enough without mentioning our site either ... guess journalism fact checking just isn't what it used to be, so please disregard those reports posted up on those sites - they are not accurate.



 PoA DVD Sales

- [ Nick @ 09:47 AM . PST . Movie: PoA ]

Here's the latest from Coming Soon...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was on pace to reach the mark of 6 million units in first-day sales set by the franchise's last installment, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, according to Video Business.

The trade says that 4.5 million units moved via sell-through and 1.5 million through rental channels. But Warner Home Video, which shipped more than 15 million units of "Azkaban," declined comment.


 HPPS Makes BBC1 Debut

- [ Nick @ 02:36 PM . PST . Movie: General ]

BBC1 has a a press release announcing they will air Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as part of their Christmas lineup.

Thanks to RupertGrint.Net!


 Rowling Named President of Charity

- [ Nick @ 02:24 PM . PST . J.K. Rowling ]

JK Rowling was recently named President of the British charity One Parent Families. She's been involved with this charity since 2000, and was known for becoming its first ambassador. Rowling stated the following:

"I am truly honoured to be made President of One Parent Families, whom I have supported for the last four years. It is gratifying to be a part of a charity which works so hard to support single parents at ground level, while giving them a voice in the national arena."

Thanks to Leaky!

Click here for the original article.


 OotP to Have New Screenwriter

- [ Nick @ 10:19 AM . PST . Movie: OotP ]

The Leaky Cauldron managed to get an interview with the Potter film producer David Heyman. The interview centered around the fifth installment's new screenwriter, Michael Goldenberg.

TLC: What led you to Goldenberg?
Heyman: Michael is someone who I have been a fan of for a long time. I've read his scripts and seen his films for a while, Contact, and the like. He was somebody who I'd been speaking to for a while.

Actually, he wrote some pages on spec for me for Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone, and I liked those pages but we were already in discussion with Kloves and I was very happy we went with Kloves. But Michael was the first person I thought of when coming to the fifth.



 New Set Pics from GoF

- [ Nick @ 10:11 AM . PST . Movie: GoF ]

Unforgivable Curses obtained some recent pics from the set of GoF. The photos include Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and more!

Click here to view the pictures.

Thanks to HPANA!


 Potter Stars to Appear on TRL

- [ Nick @ 10:01 AM . PST . General News ]

This just in from HPANA:

We have independently confirmed with a TRL producer that the segment is currently scheduled to air on Monday, Nov. 29th at 5 pm ET. As of now we have no idea who will be appearing on the show and we will of course update with any additional information we receive.

MTV hasn't yet released their schedule, but keep up to date on your local listings!


 Dan Sends New GoF Picture

- [ Nick @ 02:39 PM . PST . Movie: GoF ]

In his annual Christmas card, Dan Radcliffe sent DanRadcliffe.Com an underwater picture that was taken on the last day of filming for the second task in the Triwizard Tournament!

Head over to DanRadcliffe.Com to read some of Dan's comments.

Click here to view the picture. (Warning: the picture is a very large file)


 Rowling Forgery Warning

- [ Nick @ 02:30 PM . PST . General News ]

For all the Rowling fans out there, be cautioned. Those who shop for signed copies of Rowling's work may find themselves tricked into a forgery. Wizard News has more:

Forgeries are regularly offered on eBay. Last summer the publication of the fifth Harry Potter book drew much interest and the number of "signed copies" of J. K. Rowling's books offered on eBay soared. The amount of obvious forgeries bought by unsuspecting fans astounded James Allen, owner of Red Snapper Books, a rare book dealer. "Of the fifty or sixty items you expected to see at any one time, perhaps two or three were genuine," he said.



 UK Potter Contest

- [ Nick @ 08:46 PM . PST . Interact ]

Warner Bros. is offering a contest to British Potter fans, ages 7-17. Here's HPANA with the scoop:

Harry Potter fans in the UK now have a chance to enter their own contest from Warner Bros., which is open now through December 17th. Children ages 7 through 17 have the chance to meet JK Rowling and actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. To enter you must answer a question and provide an original question to ask JK Rowling and/or the cast. The winner will be announced on January 31st, 2005.



 Yule Ball Preparations Begin

- [ Nick @ 07:58 PM . PST . Movie: GoF ]

With the filming of the Yule Ball just beginning, so are the dance lessons. Jamie Waylett (casted as Crabbe) recently posted a diary entry on his site...

We're still filming but this week and next we have dance lessons for the Yule Ball. I'm learning to waltz and after four days I'm getting better. I've been paired up with a really pretty girl for the ball (we thought for a while my partner was going to be Goyle!!!), and she's a dancer so she's teaching me. I've been told I'm 'light on my feet' - imagine Crabbe, light on his feet!!



 PoA Helps in Box Office

- [ Nick @ 07:47 PM . PST . Movie: PoA ]

From New Ratings...

Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban and Troy were the British films most likely to be seen by UK cinema-goers in the first half of 2004, July was the most popular cinema-going month, and by the end of August more than 117 million visits had been made to the cinema, up 10% on the same period in 2003, according to the latest figures released by the UK Film Council.



 Heyman "optimistic", the 3 Stars will stay

- [ Animate @ 07:04 PM . PST . Movie: General ]

source: Digialspy.
Harry Potter producer David Heyman has revealed that he is "optimistic" that the film's three main stars, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, will return for the fifth film in the series.



 Magic Under the Water

- [ Animate @ 05:46 AM . PST . Movie: GoF ]

With the Goblet of Fire certainly well under way, reports from Sunday Telegraph informs us that the underwater scene and second task have started filming.

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